Lamoille County Habitat for Humanity
A Chapter of Green Mountain Habitat
P.O. Box 1306, Morrisville, VT 05661
Phone:  802 870-0990

Meet the Board

Cathy Murphy
Having grown up in a house built by my Mother's family in the late 1890's, I always appreciated the comfort and security of a home. Now I live in Elmore with my own family, and my office is in a beautiful old house in Morrisville. Housing has become unaffordable for many, yet it remains a dream for most families. The opportunity to work with community members of all ages and backgrounds, along with the family selected to live in the house we're building, is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Dale Touchette
As a child, my father was always busy helping neighbors with repairs, building fences for school grounds, installing a small ski tow on a hill in North Hyde Park, and helping family when it was time to bring in the hay. I got to go with him on those excursions and feel the joy he felt when the work was done. I get to continue feeling that joy when I am on the roof of our first habitat house and see the many volunteers below giving their time for the same purpose – helping someone in need. It’s what it’s about!

Judy Bickford
While living in Rutland in the late 90's, my husband and I, along with our thirteen year old son and ten year old daughter, volunteered for a Habitat rehab. We decided to volunteer after being made aware that the local Habitat organization was refurbishing a home within the city. Our church, Grace Congregational Church in Rutland, was promoting involvement with Habitat through which we met new people, my husband was able to use his handyman skills, and we felt enriched by the experience. When our daughter enrolled at Roanoke College in Virginia, we discovered that the college always frames a Habitat house on campus and has it trucked to a site where the students finish it. While attending Parent's weekend during our daughter's freshman year, we joined her and the other students as the house progressed. Throughout her remainder of college, she continued to participate with the college at other Habitat projects throughout the South during spring break. Our involvement with support of people in need was not limited to Habitat. For example, we continue to open our home to people who do not have a place to be at holiday time. We have invited people who may have been alone, living at a homeless shelter, or simply lacking family in the area to join us in our home for holiday meals. In Rutland, former residents from the Brandon Training Center came for every holiday. I've been a teacher since 1970 and I decided to become a part of the Lamoille County Habitat for Humanity after meeting Cherisse and hearing her story.

Debbie Dailey
I met Cherisse a few years ago at the Green Mountain Business Expo, where she mentioned needing help with the Habitat website. Since I have had training in web design and various other computer skills, I said I would do it. I have not always had a lot of "extras" in my life, and so I place a high value on the things that are true necessities, like a safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live. By volunteering for Lamoille Habitat, I have been able to help a family in need, while working with a great group of people, and even a great dog.

Dan McLaughlin
Coming soon.